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Gerri Mason Hall
Gerri Mason Hall
Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer,
Sodexo North America

There’s been good news lately coming from the U.S. Bureau of Labor—employers added more jobs in July and the unemployment rate fell to a near 18-year low. As the American economy continues to strengthen, I believe big companies need to think broader than simply job creation. We need to be thinking about providing opportunities for employees and the health of their long-term careers.

When we think about adding new jobs, what gets me most excited is the possibility that comes with those jobs. I want our new hires at Sodexo to see their job as the start of great opportunity. You see, we’re not about filling jobs to make a great headline. We’re about creating opportunities for people to reach their career goals. We’re about helping people develop new skills and access resources to help them move on to the next level of their professional journey.

What gets me most excited is the possibility that comes with those jobs

Sodexo delivers on its commitment to invest in our employees. Through our LEADERS program, we offer Sodexo employees enrichment opportunities over the course of six months to actively develop l leadership skills.

In 2003, Murat Bora was hired as a part-time Student Food Service Worker at Troy State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and later participated in our LEADERS program. He learned the skills he needed to now be a successful Resident District Manager at Bentley University. And he continues to grow and acquire new certifications at Sodexo even today.

Through Sodexo’s Spirit of Mentoring program, we offer employees the opportunity to help each other develop through collaboration, goal achievement and problem solving. Through formal and informal mentoring opportunities, employees can find their potential and new opportunities for upward mobility.

Rich Blanchard started with Sodexo in 1995 as a food service worker and credits the mentors he’s had throughout his career for the success he’s achieved. Now as a Senior Marketing Manager for Universities, he says, “I am lucky enough to pass along that same level of interest and leadership to others in hopes that they too will have long and successful careers with Sodexo.”

I’m excited about the new employees coming on board at the start of this school year. I’m excited for them to see that this new job could be just the beginning of a fulfilling career at Sodexo. To all our new hires out there—welcome! I look forward to sharing a long journey at Sodexo with you!

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