Sodexo enhances the student experience on campus. By focusing on services that improve quality of life, we impact our partners’ ability to attract, engage and retain students. From dining programs that meet the preferences and lifestyles of today’s student to purpose-built environments designed to promote the mission of the institution, our commitment to improving quality of life spans the entire campus experience.

Partner with Sodexo


Sodexo partners with the universities to improve Quality of Life for students and improve school operations by:

Attracting & retaining quality students
Enhancing student wellness & engagement
Driving engagement and performance of students, faculty & staff
Making your campus asset portfolio work for you
Increasing efficiencies & reducing costs on campus
Improving sustainability on and around campus

Student Living by Sodexo addresses the most pressing needs of both students and institutions with an integrated approach that considers all aspects of campus life and creates safe, secure and welcoming housing environments.





Meetings, camps and conferences held on campus during the summer month represent an excellent opportunity to boost a college’s financial results while also strengthening its brand image. Campus Conferencing by Sodexo helps colleges position their campuses as premier destinations for sporting, camp and conference events.




Assets and infrastructure represent a significant capital investment for any campus. Strategic Asset Management is a focused approach to managing technical maintenance and asset lifecycle activities in a coordinated manner to maximize the value of utility of campus assets. This proactive approach improves quality, efficiency and consistency of service delivery while providing opportunities for continuous improvement and building competency in technical delivery and innovation.





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