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A workplace revolution is underway. Sodexo partners with clients all over the globe to help them navigate this change. From dining programs that meet the demanding and diverse preferences of today’s employee to integrated innovative workplace solutions that assure optimal productivity, Sodexo delivers a world-class employee experience that drives employee satisfaction, productivity and exceptional business outcomes. Discover how we can help deliver results for your organization and why we are known as the world Leader in Quality of Life services.

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Sodexo partners with businesses to improve their workforce Quality of Life and impact the bottom line by:

Driving Employee Performance through Stronger Engagement
Delivering an Exceptional Employee & Customer Experience
Enhancing Employee Health & Wellbeing
Increasing Efficiencies & Reducing Operating Costs
Optimizing Asset Management
Improving Sustainability

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At Sodexo we continually monitor workplace trends and their impact on employees—ours or our clients’. More deeply, we focus on understanding how human beings thrive at work because we are convinced that quality of life at work contributes sustainably to the success of organizations. We believe that it is essential for leaders across industries to recognize the underlying trends of change, to evaluate how relevant and significant they are and to determine how to stay ahead of—rather than follow—them. This report is designed to spark conversation and drive

The report is intentionally designed to feed conversations that spur new thinking and dialogue around the way today’s employees live and work, and the trends shaping the workplace of the future.

Informed by Experts From Around the World

We are deeply grateful to the 50 subject matter experts who joined Sodexo in this endeavor and whose contribution was invaluable in shaping our understanding. They include leading voices and experts from renowned academic institutions, associations, consultancies, foundations, NGOs, research groups, think tanks and more. Initial identification of trend topics came from research and through our own insights into workplaces around the world. We looked at global news sources focused on human resources and the workplace and selected 10 trends relevant to Sodexo based on the services we offer and/or the way we partner with clients. Secondary source material and statistics were compiled from global news sources and research databases.

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