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Welcome to the New Sodexo Insights
Jennifer Williamson
Jennifer Williamson

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications
Sodexo North America

I’m excited to announce that Sodexo Insights has relaunched as a new, innovative content hub sharing our experience in designing environments built to improve performance and enhance quality of life for the 15 million people that Sodexo serves in North America.

As we unroll the new, I’d like to highlight several new features.

Insights & Key Topics At Sodexo, we pride ourselves on focusing on the subjects most important to our audience – whether the individual worker or the entire company. We’ll share our first-hand experience into five key issues areas: workforce & workplace, health & wellbeing, community engagement, sustainability and inclusion. We’ll also provide commentary on national trends and stories that impact these issue areas, such as how the Paris Protocols will impact climate change. These topics are easily searchable in the grey bar at the top of each webpage.

Featured Bloggers: Aside from reading about the topics you care about, you’ll be hearing from Sodexo’s C-Suite, as well as our subject matter experts and community partner organizations. In the right navigation column, you can click on our featured bloggers for commentary from members of our executive team.

Social Hub: In addition to sharing our perspectives on our key topic areas, we’re also going to showcase our activities by aggregating relevant content from our social media channels. For example, click on “Sustainability” to see our great Earth Day activities or “Community” to see how Sodexo is helping to stop hunger in communities across the country.

New Content Series: As the leader in “Quality of Life” services, Sodexo Insights will feature a new mini series titled “Quality of Life Hacks” that will highlight Sodexo’s take on how to enhance your workplace experience with 3 helpful hacks. These quick and informative reads will cover topics pertaining to employee engagement, health & wellbeing and performance.

And to ensure you don’t miss any of these hacks or other great content, subscribe via the right navigation column for our digest newsletter, providing you with weekly blog recaps and Sodexo highlights.

During this rollout phase, we’d appreciate any feedback on the new site. We encourage you to comment below.

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