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Three QOLhacks for Saving Time at Work
Quality of Lifehacks
Quality of Lifehacks

Are you feeling a little sluggish this morning? You’re not the only one. Daylight saving time officially began this weekend. This shift costs Americans an hour of sleep.

When it comes to work, losing any amount of productivity due to poor sleep can make or break your efficiency for the day. With this in mind, here are three Quality of Lifehacks for saving time and boosting productivity at work. You may even save enough time to get back the hour you lost this morning.

Use the five-minute rule. It’s true that your most critical responsibilities should typically come first when prioritizing your tasks for the day. However, if your to-do list seems never ending, consider implementing the five-minute rule. The rule states that if you can complete a task in five minutes or less, do it immediately. Spend twenty minutes or so knocking out all of the small things on your list at the beginning of your morning. You’ll start the day feeling accomplished and be ready to tackle more in-depth projects with a clear mind.

Unplug to focus. In today’s workplace, the constant barrage of emails can feel unrelenting. Unfortunately, instant email notifications can prove to be more distracting than productive. When you need to focus on a project, try turning off your email notifications entirely. This way, non-time-sensitive questions won’t break your concentration. Don’t be afraid to disconnect—truly urgent matters will likely be communicated by other methods, such as an in-person visit or phone call.

Schedule your lunch break. It sounds counter-intuitive but taking a midday break can actually help you save time later in your day. Schedule a period during your afternoon for lunch and commit to taking it. It is tempting to power through lunch during a busy day but hunger is incompatible with productivity. Take time to recharge and reboot to be your best during the rest of your day. Eat away from your desk, if possible, to make this break even more restorative.

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