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The Mindful Mile
Marianne Koch
Marianne Koch

One day last fall, I was sitting in the Wellness Council meeting at our hospital when the reflection was read.  It was titled “Mindful”.  That got me thinking about Sodexo’s Mindful program and all the information I had read about it.  The one piece that jumped out at me was the Mindful Mile. I’ve been a runner since I was in high school and have many marathons under my belt, so I really love to see people out walking, jogging, running….MOVING. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are or what shape you’re in …just that you are out there.  At Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare- All Saints in Racine, Wisconsin (20 minutes south of Milwaukee), we have two different hospital campuses three miles apart.

Our larger campus would be perfect for the Mindful Mile, but we when we do events like this, we make sure we do them at both campuses.

So, I proposed the idea of doing the Mindful Mile to my counterparts on the Wellness Council and they were all for it.  Next, I enlisted the services of my friend who is the Facilities and Maintenance Director and out we went with a wheel measuring to measure off a mile.  We used a blueprint of the campus to mark where we would put signs and need sentries to make sure our associates safely cross walkways.  I’m sure people were looking out their windows wondering what we were doing.  I laminated the directional signs that came in the roll out packet and used snow plow guide rods to mount them for the big day.  We did the same for the smaller campus.

The Wellness Council picked a day in October.  We sent out communication to all associates to have them join us in the Mindful Mile. Unfortunately, it was gray and in the 40s.  We anxiously awaited to see how many associates would show up.  We ended up with about 25 people at the larger campus and 7 at the smaller campus. Not a huge number, but there was great energy and they really seemed to enjoy getting out for 15 minutes at lunch time to get a walk in.

The Wellness Council decided to do an organized Mindful Mile a 3-4 Mindful-Mile1-May-2014-300x200times a year.  The maps have been posted on our intranet site and we even rolled them out recently for the hospital’s virtual walk from training camp to Miller Park.

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