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How Many More Sleeps Mommy? – The Other Hidden Barrier to Women at Work
Charlotte Jensen
Charlotte Jensen
CEO Sports & Leisure,
Sodexo North America

Some of the buzz these days surrounds women in the workplace and the various barriers to their professional advancement. My personal experience over the years, probably like many others, has varied between amazing bosses and mentors who encouraged me to grow, and of course the not so great bosses and the leaders who felt threatened and excluded me. Over the past 9 years, my journey has been more about the evil two words we call “mommy guilt.”  It’s the other hidden barrier that so many of us share which often holds women back from the next big promotion. (more…)

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Three Quality of Lifehacks for a Mom-Friendly Workplace
Quality of Lifehacks
Quality of Lifehacks

Nearly half of the American workforce is female. And estimates are that nearly 85 percent of those women either are or will become mothers. In a tightening labor market, it’s more important than ever for companies to have “mom-friendly” workplaces if they want to attract and keep some of their best talent.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, here are three Quality of Lifehacks for building a welcoming environment for working mothers. (more…)