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How Many More Sleeps Mommy? – The Other Hidden Barrier to Women at Work
Charlotte Jensen
Charlotte Jensen
CEO Sports & Leisure,
Sodexo North America

Some of the buzz these days surrounds women in the workplace and the various barriers to their professional advancement. My personal experience over the years, probably like many others, has varied between amazing bosses and mentors who encouraged me to grow, and of course the not so great bosses and the leaders who felt threatened and excluded me. Over the past 9 years, my journey has been more about the evil two words we call “mommy guilt.”  It’s the other hidden barrier that so many of us share which often holds women back from the next big promotion. (more…)

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QoL Solutions Can Help Retain Teachers
Richard Hill
Richard Hill
VP Marketing
Schools, Sodexo North America

Every year, about 13 percent of the nation’s 3.4 million teachers transfer to different schools or leave the profession altogether, according to the Alliance for Excellence in Education in collaboration with the New Teacher Center. It’s estimated that over 1 million teachers move in and out of schools annually, with 40 to 50 percent of teachers quitting within five years.

This issue doesn’t just impact schools, it impacts the entire community, including parents, local companies, and other stakeholder groups. Teacher attrition costs state governments between $1 billion and $2.2 billion annually. (more…)

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Passing the Torch: Insights for the Next Generation of Senior Leaders
George Chavel
George Chavel

As I near retirement, I’m reflecting more on my career and the learnings that shaped my rise into senior leadership. I didn’t climb straight up the proverbial corporate ladder – but I looked at every new job as an opportunity to expand who I was as a leader. It seems only fitting to pass along a few of my most valued experiences to the next generation of senior leaders.