wasteless week
Partnering to Address the Challenge of Food Waste
Andrew Shakman
Andrew Shakman

Co-founder & CEO

Imagine if every year Apple threw out one third of its Iphones. Made them, shipped them, threw them out. Or imagine if Toyota threw out a third of the cars it made. Samsung a third of its TVs. Its ridiculous to even imagine. (more…)

Executive Commentary
What Every Chef Knows & Every Business Needs to Learn
Lorna Donatone
Lorna Donatone

CEO, Sodexo Schools Worldwide President,
Sodexo North America

Chefs often say the first thing they learn in the kitchen is how to avoid waste. Today, one chef is bringing attention to the staggering problem of large-scale waste: Anthony Bourdain with his new movie, “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.” (more…)