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How can Schools Improve Indoor Air Quality to Reduce Absenteeism?
Bart Lane
Bart Lane
Vice President, Facilities Management Business Development Sodexo

Absenteeism results in lost learning opportunities for students and teachers. For students, a missed day can mean missing out on learning something new and falling behind. For teachers, a missed day means lost chances to educate or inspire many young minds. Illness due to colds, flu and respiratory conditions are common reasons students and teachers miss school. Respiratory sensitivities such as asthma, which is the number one childhood health disparity, account for a significant portion of absenteeism in students (10 million school days annually according to the American Lung Association). (more…)

Promoting Physical Safety Programs and Education on College Campuses
Barry Telford
Barry Telford
CEO, Universities West,
Sodexo North America
President, Sodexo Canada

Often a stepping stone from childhood to young adulthood, college acts as a safe environment in which students can explore life beyond high school before entering the workforce. As these students anticipate a taste of independence, many of their parents face the confusion and discomfort associated with preparing their child for the next phase of their life. The college experience, albeit one of the most transformative experiences for young adults, can be a scary and intimidating journey for parents as they consider their students’ safety on campus. Our job is to build an environment which not only creates convenience for parents and students but also serves as a safe, comfortable place for students to learn and grow. (more…)