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What Influences Your Quality of Life At Work? – International BlogIt Day
Debra Dailey
Debra Dailey
Group Vice President, Quality of Life Experience

The New Year is often a time of personal reflection about life and priorities. Google the phrase,“New Year’s Resolutions,” and you’ll see a familiar list of topics held out year after year as the path to a better life. They include perennial favorites such as eating more healthy fully, beginning an exercise program, reducing stress, quitting smoking, reading more, etc. But what is truly at the essence of all of these resolutions is an attempt to improve the quality of one’s life. To make the current reality the best it can be, and to make a version of one’s self that is the best version possible. Inevitably, this discussion needs to include a person’s work life. Whether it’s in an office, a hospital, a college or university, on the road as part of a sales force or working inside the home, the way people live AND work contribute equally to their overall quality of life.