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Recognizing who puts the ‘care’ in Healthcare
Aster Angagaw
Aster Angagaw
CEO, Specialty &
Canada Healthcare,
Sodexo North America

Healthcare is a hot topic – who gets it, who pays for it, who insures it. Oftentimes, though, there’s something lost in the discussion and that’s who provides our healthcare. Specifically, who are the people employed to care for others and what are the challenges they face? (more…)

Health & Wellbeing
Friendship can be a Life-Saver to a Student with Food Allergies
Beth Winthrop
Beth Winthrop
Senior Manager, Health & Wellness
Senior Registered Dietitian,
Sodexo Universities

With food allergies on the rise, and 15 million Americans allergic to one or more foods, chances are good that someone you work with, go to school with or are friends with will have a food allergy.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food allergies are a growing food safety and public health concern that affects between 4 and 6 percent of young people in the U. S.  Allergic reactions can be life threatening and have far-reaching effects on the individual and their families, as well as the school, college or university they attend.  The Food Allergy Research and Education organization (FARE) has designed the “Be A PAL – Protect A Life from Food Allergies” campaign for younger children, but college students away from home and family for the first time have unique challenges and need even more support from their friends and fellow students.