The Importance of Global LGBT Inclusive Initiatives
Audrey L. Gallien, Director, Marketing
Michael J. Chamberlain, VP, Global Marketing
Alixandra Pollack, Director, Research,
and Regional Director, Mexico & Latin America

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees constitute a sizeable global workforce population, and more than ever, leading companies are acknowledging their contributions. With many global organizations now focused on building inclusive cultures in which all employees feel engaged and valued, LGBT issues are becoming a critical priority in workplaces around the world.


Global progress on LGBT inclusion has been most noticeable in countries like the U.S., Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  Japan and Taiwan have also recently introduced antidiscrimination legislation regarding sexual orientation in the workplace.  Yet, in some countries, there are no legal protections for LGBT employees, and it’s common to hear that corporate LGBT inclusion policies “don’t apply.”  This results in more discrimination, employee fear, high turnover, and heightened rates of harassment and mistreatment of LGBT workers. (more…)

Workforce & Workplace Quality of Lifehacks
This New Year Focus on Improving Employees Quality of Life
Emerson Foster
Emerson Foster
Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Services Sodexo North America

The New Year is always an excellent time for employers to reflect on the previous year and plan for the coming year.

In doing so, it’s important to also reflect on how your company has prioritized improving employees’ quality of life. Meaning, over the past year, has your organization conducted or implemented initiatives that help employees manage their health and wellbeing? Or, made it easier for employees to manage their work responsibilities, as well as their personal ones (e.g., family care). Other factors that impact employee quality of life include the quality of their work environment, the recognition they receive, and their ability to grow and learn at work. (more…)

Workforce & Workplace
Coaching for the Win in Sports and in Business
Steve Cox
Steve Cox
VP, Public Relations
Sodexo North America

When it comes to the championship of any sporting event, all eyes are on the athlete.  And reasonably so, given that the athlete has poured thousands of hours into preparing for this one moment. However, we often forget about all the other people who help athletes turn their dreams and aspirations into reality, specifically the coaches. (more…)

Community Engagement
Exploring the New Frontier in Performance
George Chavel
George Chavel

Life was very different back in 1966. War was raging in Vietnam. Rock and roll was revolutionizing music, and the U.S. was in a race with the USSR to land a man on the moon. And all of the best dressed men and women were wearing patterned pants, flowered shirts and boots. I guess some things are better left in the past!