Take a Stand Against Hatred
Gerri Mason Hall
Gerri Mason Hall
Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer,
Sodexo North America

I don’t know if we will ever be able to make sense of the tragic events that took place in Orlando this weekend. Like most people, I am struggling with frustration, grief, anger and the senselessness of it all. While I can rationalize this was the act of one very disturbed and delusional individual and that the world is filled with good and decent people, I am still reminded that hate remains pervasive.  During this time of unspeakable sadness, during a month that we celebrate and commemorate the LGBT Community, I want to reinforce the importance of coming together to educate, inform and take a stand against hatred. In our communities, in our workplaces, in our families and in our places of faith I encourage you to use your voice to promote understanding and acceptance. Love can conquer hate, but it is up to us to sow the seeds of goodness, compassion, acceptance and grace.    (more…)