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Community Engagement
The Art and Science of Performance Nutrition
Leslie Bonci
Leslie Bonci
Leslie Bonci is a nutrition consultant and sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Kansas City Chiefs, Toronto Blue Jays and Carnegie Mellon University. Bonci consults with Sodexo to create customized menu offers for Universities sports clients.

Just like a beautifully executed football play of a dancer in a ballet, performance nutrition is the synergy and symphony of the science, the presentation and the application to help athlete and performance artists meet their goals. (more…)

Health & Wellbeing
Eat the Mediterranean Way: A Delicious Lifestyle Choice with Long-Term Health Benefits
Tina Reddington, RDN, LD
Tina Reddington, RDN, LD
Director of Marketing, Quality of Life Projects, Sodexo Government, North America

Two years ago, my husband and I took a vacation to Northern Italy and we very nearly didn’t come back. No, we weren’t in a life-threatening situation, quite the opposite – the food was too amazing to believe. (more…)

Back to School: The ABC’s of Changes to School Meals
Richard Hill
Richard Hill
VP Marketing
Schools, Sodexo North America

With over 30 million students eating at least one meal at school each day, schools not only offer an opportunity for children to enjoy nourishing food but also a chance to learn healthy eating habits and important social skills.  Meals served through the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program are required to be healthy and nutritious, and they got even healthier in 2012 when new guidelines were implemented as part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, requiring cafeterias limit calories, sodium and unhealthy fats, and offer more whole grains, fruits and vegetables in every meal. (more…)