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Community Engagement
The Power of Partnerships Can Improve Quality of Life for Everyone
Jennifer Williamson
Jennifer Williamson
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications
Sodexo North America

Imagine that you are the mayor of a major U.S. city.  How would you handle the very real challenges of city life, fed by a news cycle of endless stories of poverty, crime, failing schools and infrastructure issues? (more…)

Universities Community Engagement
Feeding the Future of New Orleans and 22 Other U.S. Cities
Pat Connolly
Pat Connolly
Global CEO,

“Food is national security. Food is economy. It is employment, energy, history. Food is everything.”   — Chef José Andrés

Food is an integral part of our everyday lives. However, the sad reality for many families is that the ability to provide one of life’s basic necessities to their children is barely, if at all, feasible. While programs put into place during the school year take the strain off of parents and caretakers only about 18 percent of eligible students participate in summer feeding programs according to the United States Department of Agriculture. (more…)