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Executive Commentary
Social Media Isn’t All Broken
Joseph Cuticelli
Joseph Cuticelli
CEO - Seniors North America Sodexo

This week on the news, I saw Congress grill social media executives. I heard about the spread of fake news and the negative things that social media has wrought. There was lots of focus on young people and how they use these forums – I even heard one report when an expert being interviewed mentioned that he was an undergraduate. (more…)

Retiring Doesn’t Equal Disconnecting
Joe Cuticelli
Joe Cuticelli
CEO, Seniors
Sodexo North America

After so many years of living my life by the clock and my Outlook calendar, I sometimes wonder what it must be like for the residents we serve when they first retire. The majority juggled demanding personal and business schedules. Did they feel a sense of relief when they no longer had to check a personal device to stay on top of their day – or was there a void?

Now, instead of going cold turkey, an increasing number of senior communities offer residents multiple digital ways to keep track of their still-busy schedules. (more…)