Fourth of July
Government Inclusion
Honoring the Troops in a Very Sodexo Way
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore
Vice President, Strategy,
Sodexo North America &
Former Marine Veteran

This weekend, we’ll be celebrating America by saluting the flag and honoring the troops. At Sodexo, we provide food service at many U.S. military installations, and for the past ten years, we’ve been honoring troops in a different way: with a culinary medal. (more…)

Health & Wellbeing
Have a Safe Independence Day and Canada Day
Marten Stenfors
Marten Stenfors
Head of Safety, Sodexo North America

When it comes to celebrating our independence, the United States and Canada have a lot more in common than a shared border.  In Canada, we celebrate our independence on July 1, a national holiday called Canada Day. Just a few days later, the United States celebrates its independence on the Fourth of July. (more…)