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Data Analytics: Leveraging Insights to Drive Program Innovation
Jonathan Preciado
Jonathan Preciado
Director of Consumer Insights and
Quality of Life Research,
Sodexo Universities

Data analytics has changed the way we view operations, performance, and student outcomes. As Southern New Hampshire University President Paul L. LeBlanc, mentions in the latest chapter of President to President, “Engineering a 21st Century Higher Educational Model:  Guidelines for Leading the Work,” understanding data can be an important step in meeting the needs and expectations of today’s students. Through Sodexo’s interactions with students, educators, and campus administrators, we have seen firsthand how analytics can change the way an institution operates. Taking this idea a step further, data analytics can enable us to design experiences in a way that will have a meaningful impact on student outcomes.   (more…)

Healthcare Services Workforce & Workplace
Using Technology to Transform Healthcare
Aster Angagaw
Aster Angagaw
CEO, Specialty &
Canada Healthcare,
Sodexo North America

This is the fourth in a continuing blog series based on the findings from the Sodexo 2016 Healthcare Compendium, a compilation of research that examines the increasing trend toward a focus on value in the healthcare sector. Read the full article: Trends in Healthcare Technology


Most major communities have one or more main hospitals, each surrounded by aligned patient-centered medical homes, specialty clinics, outpatient doctors’ offices, ambulatory clinics, urgent care centers and often, smaller, outlying hospitals. The individual entities within each network need to work in concert with each other, but it can be challenging to communicate efficiently so that patient information is secure, consistent and compliant.