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Executive Commentary
Academia’s Challenge: Free Speech, Diversity and Inclusion
Jim Jenkins
Jim Jenkins
CEO, Universities East, Sodexo North America

“You don’t have true freedom until you allow a diversity of opinion and a diversity of voices.” Journalist Don Lemon’s outlook is highly relevant as an increasingly eclectic student demographic returns to college and university campuses. Once relatively homogenous, today’s students include a mix of first-generation, foreign and older students who bring distinctive cultural backgrounds, needs and experiences that shape their opinions and contribute to a richer, more vibrant dialogue. (more…)

Inclusion and Safety: Drivers of Business Success
David Boyd Williams
David Boyd Williams
Director of Global Diversity,

As demographic shifts accelerate the changing global workforce, leaders who leverage the diversity of their employee populations and create an inclusive culture, could see higher levels of safety and engagement within their organization. While there is not necessarily a causal relationship between inclusion, safety, and engagement, some studies reflect a correlation between these indicators and positive business outcomes. (more…)