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Choosing to Find Your Happy Place at Work
Steve Cox
Steve Cox
VP, Public Relations
Sodexo North America

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

—Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes finding happiness must be very intentional but simply knowing happiness is a choice is not enough. Experiencing it requires a conscious decision every day and it is not always easy.

A while ago one woman took the Internet by storm with her Facebook Live video gone viral. Candace Payne, otherwise known as “Chewbacca Lady,” bought a noise-making Chewbacca mask, put it on, laughed quite a bit, and shared her experience on Facebook. The video has garnered over 159 million views and millions of likes. Whether you love Star Wars or you have no idea what a Chewbacca is, one thing for certain is that Candace Payne most likely brought a smile to your face. (more…)