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Deborah Roberts
Deborah Roberts
CEO Government Services, Sodexo

There have always been female warriors, and Women’s History Month is an appropriate time to remember them. While many civilians are aware that the number of women on active duty in all branches of service has risen dramatically, few know the extent of women’s service to our country, particularly in combat roles.


A small number of women have been in combat throughout American history—though  they had to disguise themselves as men and enlist under aliases. Deborah Samson Gannett from Plymouth, Mass., was one of the first. In 1782, she enlisted under the name of her deceased brother, Robert Shurtleff Samson, and served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. She was wounded twice and cut a musket ball out of her own thigh, so a doctor wouldn’t examine her and find out she was a woman. (more…)

Seniors Workforce & Workplace
Hiring for Heart, Retaining by Caring: Building the Senior Care Workforce
Gerri Mason Hall
Gerri Mason Hall
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer
Sodexo North America

By 2025, there will be over 8 billion people on our planet, and one in 10 will be over 65. That has huge implications for our country. It will also have a major impact on the senior living industry. As the population increases—and as baby boomers age—more people than ever will choose to move into senior living communities. (more…)

Seniors Health & Wellbeing
Still a Person – Dementia’s Impact on Quality of Life
Thomas Jelley
Thomas Jelley
Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life

This is the second blog in a continuing series based on the findings from the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life’s recent roundtable on memory care. Read the full whitepaper: “Treat me like a person, because that is what I still am.”


We each have a unique set of circumstances that determine our quality of life (QOL). This can include environmental factors, health and well-being, socio-economic status and more. For the more than five million Americans who live with dementia, QOL is influenced by a completely different set of circumstances. (more…)