Sports & Leisure Quality of Life Services

When it comes to cultural or destination experiences, Quality of Life means a sporting event that generates excitement and the enthusiasm for everyone in the stands, or a field trip that provides enriching and educational experiences for each and every visitor. It means a business conference that energizes and motivates attendees. It is a singular occasion that marks one of life’s milestones in an unforgettable way. Whether you’re the planner, host, guest or visitor, every occasion is a Quality of Life moment that deserves outstanding attention to every detail and the bottom line.

Sodexo provides Quality of Life services for conference & convention centers, cultural destinations — such as aquariums, gardens, museums and zoos — sporting event venues and other popular event sites.

Sodexo partners with sports and leisure venues to improve Quality of Life for visitors by:
Enhancing Visitor Experiences
Reducing Operation Costs
Increasing Sustainability

Sodexo's Chiller Piping and Optimization Project at the Atlanta History Center is paying off in energy savings of more than $50,000. The Center now has a more energy-efficient chiller system and a new energy rate structure resulting from the project.