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Sorting Hat Quiz: Which Ilvermorney House Do You Belong In?

J.K Rowling has expanded upon the world of Harry Potter, introducing us to a new wizarding school named Ilvermorny. Located on a mountain is Massachusetts, Ilvermorny is the school that all American wizards go to. The school is composed of four houses, each of which representing different character traits. Take this quiz to see which Ilvermorny house you belong in when it comes to the workplace.

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One comment on “Sorting Hat Quiz: Which Ilvermorney House Do You Belong In?

  • I absolutely love that this was posted on our Insights! I’m a huge Potter head fan and have felt others cannot relate to the fandom but am very excited to know others in Sodexo are fans as well!

    I’m a Pukwudgie (the Heart) according to Pottermore and Thunderbird (the Soul) on this quiz posted.


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