Schools Quality of Life Services

Our goal is to be a leader in supporting student engagement and improving Quality of Life for the entire school community. By focusing on Quality of Life Services, we enhance the overall experience of a student’s educational journey, which helps to ensure their success.

In North America, we promote varied and balanced food options in its restaurants and a series of activities and programs that operators can implement with a focus on serving local menus. Programs include promotions, programming, communication and marketing tools to help educate, raise awareness and drive satisfaction for every consumer we serve.

To help schools achieve their academic aspirations, Sodexo fosters a healthy lifestyle and creates living and learning environments that are conducive to success.

Business Outcomes
Sodexo partners with school districts to improve Quality of Life for students and staff by:
Enhancing Student Wellness & Engagement
Managing School Facilities
Reducing Operation Costs
Improving Sustainability

At the Boardman School District, Sodexo’s Energy Management System is projected to provide an annual savings of $600K.


Sodexo is pleased to offer the following Quality of Life services. View a complete list of our services (PDF).

Operations & Maintenance
Construction Services
Performance Interiors/Interior Design
Facilities Management
Energy Management & Conservation
Roofing Design & Management Services
Facilities Management
Housekeeping, Custodial & Janitorial Services
Grounds Care/Landscaping
Front Desk/Reception
Food Service
Culinary, Catering & Nutritional Services
Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Vending Operations
Wellness Solutions
Special Events/Venues
Conference Services & Special Events Management
Leisure & Entertainment Services
Concessions Operations & Management
Retail Systems Management
Additional Services
Purchasing (Strategic/Local Sourcing & Supply Management)
Benefits & Rewards
Facilities Capital Planning
Diversity Consulting