Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life is a central and evolving issue in many environments, from the workplace, to schools, to life in general. Sodexo offers a wide variety of research topics around quality of life and its effect on both organizational and individual performance. These include white papers, analyst reports, briefs and much more.

Featured Research: Sodexo Gender Balance Study 2018

The goal of our 2018 Gender Balance Study is to expand previous research on the business case for women in leadership to the business case for parity in representation of men and women in management positions (“gender balance”). The study therefore aimed to test performance implications of a gender-inclusive work culture, as opposed to a culture in which one gender dominates over the other.

Data was collected and analyzed from over 50,000 managers from 70 entities worldwide. Management teams from a diverse range of functions, ranging from top leadership to site management, were all included.


Additional Research

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