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Feeding the Movement: Let’s do this!
Bob Stern
Bob Stern
Sodexo Foundation and
Group General Counsel,

The summer is moving along and we’re even more committed to our Feeding The Movement Campaign. We’re not just donating our money or volunteering our time, we’re working to motivate others. We want our efforts to be exponential, to build momentum. That’s what Feeding The Movement is all about. And it’s where you come in.

If you share Sodexo’s desire to positively impact our communities, you can help by Feeding The Movement. There are countless ways—here are just a few:

  1. Collect. Local food pantries are always in need of more nutritious food to fill their shelves. Over the years, we’ve been so inspired by Heroes of Everyday Life® who have collected thousands of pounds of food for their communities. Julia Pipkins is one of our inspirations. Watch her story for ideas on collecting food for your local pantry.  
  1. Fundraise. Raising money can seem like an uphill battle. But in the case of Joshua’s Heart Foundation, all it took was one five-year-old’s passion and over $80,000 was raised and 380,000 pounds of food were distributed in South Florida. You can make a real difference in the lives of 16 million children in America. Raise money in your community and donate to Sodexo Foundation. 100% of your donation goes directly to help fight hunger.  
  1. Volunteer. Every April Sodexo hosts a month-long Servathon to encourage our employees, their families, our clients and vendor partners and the greater community to participate in service activities to help stop hunger across the US and around the world. The impact is incredible, as is the enthusiasm felt by our employees and the benefit experienced by their communities. A month of service may be tough for smaller businesses and families to manage, so why not schedule a day of service? Just one day can make a big difference.
  1. Donate. Think outside of the box. A donation doesn’t have to be purely monetary. Alex Epstein donates fresh produce via a community garden that he helps cultivate along with kids in the community. The vegetables grown there are invaluable, because they’re not only providing nutrition to hungry kids, but they’re also giving young people the chance to learn how to create their own gardens. But if a traditional donation is how you choose to contribute, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Sodexo Foundation.
  1. Inspire & Empower. The bigger the movement becomes, the more impact we can make, especially when it comes to the younger generation. If we empower youth now, they will grow up understanding the importance of giving back and will continue these efforts into the future. Watch this powerful speech by Maria Belding to learn how to encourage the kids in your community to be a part of #FeedingTheMovement.

The problem of hunger can feel overwhelming, but it’s no match for caring people who decide to make a difference. Even the smallest individual effort moves us in the right direction. And when we all commit our compassion and creativity, there’s really no limit to the positive change we can bring about.

Please join with us, share this post, and let’s fuel the movement together.

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