Quality of Lifehacks
Celebrating the Small Wins: Three Quality of Lifehacks for Improving Employee Recognition
Quality of Lifehacks
Quality of Lifehacks

One of the most powerful – and least expensive – ways companies can improve employee engagement and commitment is to say a simple “thank you”. The top reason Americans leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated, according to Gallup. Employees, in another study, were asked what leaders could do to improve engagement, 58 percent replied, “give recognition,”

A good recognition program can increase productivity, reduce turnover and enhance job satisfaction. Recognition can be formal with planned, structured programs. But often, the most valued form of recognition is informal, spontaneous and personal.


Here are three Quality of Lifehacks for recognizing your people for a job well done.

  1. Match to the individual – In recognition, one size does not fit all. One individual might value a public display of gratitude during a meeting, while others might prefer a simple, private word of appreciation. Find out how your employees prefer to be recognized.


  1. Make it personal – Making recognition personal is all about showing you value the individual and their unique contributions. For example, taking the time to write a hand-written note will make recognition more meaningful.


  1. Make it specific – You should always say why you’re recognizing someone. Refer to a specific accomplishment. Being specific helps people focus on what they did well and commit to continuing that behavior. It can also help them reflect on areas where they might need to improve.


And remember – recognition is not just what managers do for employees. The power of recognition can be used in any working relationship, including peer-to-peer, employee-to-manager, project manager-to-team member, etc.

What are you doing to build a culture of recognition at your company? What effective ways have you found to praise your people?

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