Health Care & Seniors Quality of Life Services


Hospitals aren’t just places where diseases are diagnosed and treated. At the core of every process is the care of patients who are physically and often psychologically vulnerable, and separated from the comfort of their families and daily lives. Quality of Life and wellbeing are essential to their recovery.

Today it’s critical for hospitals to guarantee excellent support services at the best price. When health care establishments know that essential facility services are well provided, they are better equipped to keep pace with maximum occupancy rates. And staff is free to focus on their highest priority — treating people. That’s why Sodexo has developed expertise in providing a comfortable and nurturing environment for patients, families and health care professionals.

Our goal is to help our health care clients provide the best possible experience to their patients. Our customized solutions are specifically geared to improving the satisfaction of patients and their families and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients.

Business Outcomes
Sodexo partners with health care facilities to improve the Quality of Life for patients and healthcare providers and impact the bottom line by:
Fostering Patient Wellness & Satisfaction
Enhancing Healthcare Provider Wellness & Engagement
Managing Hospital Facilities
Providing Infection Control
Reducing Operation Costs
Improving Sustainability

Sodexo helped Verdugo Hills Hospital realize more than $300,000 a year in utility savings and an additional $65,000 a year in operational savings.


Sodexo is pleased to offer the following Quality of Life services. View a complete list of our services (PDF).

Operations & Maintenance
Construction Services
Performance Interiors/Interior Design
Facilities Management
Energy Management & Conservation
Roofing Design & Management Services
Facilities Management
Housekeeping, Custodial & Janitorial Services
Grounds Care/Landscaping
Front Desk/Reception
Food Service
Culinary, Catering & Nutritional Services
Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Vending Operations
Wellness Solutions
Special Events/Venues
Conference Services & Special Events Management
Leisure & Entertainment Services
Concessions Operations & Management
Retail Systems Management
Additional Services
Purchasing (Strategic/Local Sourcing & Supply Management)
Benefits & Rewards
Facilities Capital Planning
Diversity Consulting