Guiding Gen Z from Campus to Corporate Life: What College and University Administrators and Talent Recruiters Need to Know

With approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day and the inclination of Millennials toward job-hopping, understanding how to attract and retain Generation Z is quickly becoming a new business imperative. The implications associated with organizational loyalty and retaining talent can be significant, where turnover costs range from 30 – 40 percent of an employee’s salary for entry level positions and as high as 400 percent for highly-skilled or highly-experienced employees.

This new report discusses how both campus leadership and corporate leadership can benefit from insights surrounding Gen Z and its workplace expectations, which include:

  • Understanding just what Gen Z considers a “fulfilling role in the workplace” and how that aligns with the company commitment to social responsibility
  • Opportunities that college and university administrators have to collaborate with HR and talent acquisition on-campus recruiting efforts
  • The fact that Gen Z is the most culturally diverse generation to date and how perceptions of identity and group identity play in the workplace
  • The leadership expectations of Gen Z; what they most value and respect

Our new Gen Z white paper offers other valuable insights that talent recruiters will want to build into the organization’s recruiting strategy. It discusses the importance Gen Z places on work-life balance, high salaries and how it weighs a company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. This white paper draws from literature, primary research, surveys, and in-depth interviews with members of the Generation Z demographic.