Government Quality of Life Services

Wherever the people we serve are based, in the U.S. or overseas, Quality of Life means safe, comfortable and healthy environments that support public servants wellbeing, every day.

Across North America, we are a proud contractor to the U.S. government. Our latest service offering combines facility and food services together as a customer-centric management solution. By integrating services, we can cater to the public sector’s diverse demand for workplace efficiency, productivity, greater health and wellness and sustainability. We’ve emerged as a world leader in Quality of Life Services in military and civilian government.

Today we are entrusted with a workforce of a quarter million men and women in public service across 150 government sites. Our teams engage with international alliances and partners to ensure that those we serve have what they need to achieve peak performance.

Business Outcomes
Sodexo partners with government organizations to improve the Quality of Life for government employees and military personnel by:
Enhancing Government Employee or Military Personell Wellness & Satisfaction
Managing Government Facilities
Reducing Operation Costs
Improving Sustainability

Sodexo provides facilities management services for 940,000 square feet at the International Monetary Fund. With Sodexo’s sustainability support, one of two buildings at the IMF campus is now poised to earn LEED Platinum status.


Sodexo is pleased to offer the following Quality of Life services. View a complete list of our services (PDF).

Operations & Maintenance
Construction Services
Performance Interiors/Interior Design
Facilities Management
Energy Management & Conservation
Roofing Design & Management Services
Facilities Management
Housekeeping, Custodial & Janitorial Services
Grounds Care/Landscaping
Front Desk/Reception
Food Service
Culinary, Catering & Nutritional Services
Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Vending Operations
Wellness Solutions
Special Events/Venues
Conference Services & Special Events Management
Leisure & Entertainment Services
Concessions Operations & Management
Retail Systems Management
Additional Services
Purchasing (Strategic/Local Sourcing & Supply Management)
Benefits & Rewards
Facilities Capital Planning
Diversity Consulting