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Security, Access and Dependability: All the Elements of a Tier III Global Data Center
Tim Porzio
Tim Porzio
Vice President, Operations &
Infrastructure, Information Systems & Technology,
Sodexo North America

Businesses that want to be competitive in the global marketplace must invest in infrastructure that is robust, resilient, secure, available and responsive.  Ensuring the user community has 24/7 access to their data is a business imperative.  Sodexo chose a Tier III data center partner to ensure that their systems have robust physical security and a facility that provides redundant power and cooling for their IT equipment.  This helps to ensure the availability of their business critical applications. 

Simply put, establishing a Tier III facility provides the foundation to help ensure that critical systems are always operational and available globally 24×7. Sodexo’s new Tier III data center provides precisely that level of assurance.  We are able to provide our users with a greater level of uptime thanks to the level of redundancy built into the facility and the facility is staffed around the clock with data center engineers monitoring the health of the facility.

Global access for a global economy

Sodexo’s data center partner has a global presence allowing us to utilize this provider wherever we may need for either expansion in a given area or for global consolidation of data center assets.  Sodexo has two Global data centers fully interconnected provided common services to users globally.

Sodexo’s data center partner was chosen due to its rich set of connectivity options allowing Sodexo to provide connectivity to meet the ever growing demand for anytime access to applications at an affordable price.  The data center partner also has a rich set of Cloud providers already on premise in their ecosystem.  This allows Sodexo to subscribe to Cloud offerings by interconnecting to them within the data center providing fast secure access to the ever growing suite of Cloud options available.


Tim Porzio is Vice President of Operations & Infrastructure, Information Systems & Technology for Sodexo North America.

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