Sodexo continues to focus on Flexibility Works!, our business-based flexibility initiative, because research shows that employees who have a greater sense of control over their work and lives are more engaged, productive and likely to stay with their organization.

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Cultural Diversity Group
The Cultural Diversity Group fosters and encourages an environment that values the cultural diversities of Sodexo employees. Members of this group promote the celebration, awareness and education of distinct cultures that shape Sodexo’s workforce.


“I think cultural diversity is a collective strength and it is our duty to enhance it in order to ensure the development and an understanding of our environment. Cultural diversity is knowledge plurality, wisdom and dynamism and altogether contributes to making the world and Sodexo
a better place.”


- Sylvain Beauregard, Senior Recruiter

“I believe we all benefit from a culture where diverse, creative minds are free to share honestly and openly. We are creators of our environment and we need to look at our individual efforts. For me, being part of D&I is continuously looking past what’s comfortable and conventional in order to challenge my conditioning and biases. It was an easy decision to join WiLL. From the positive influences of women in my life to the overwhelming benefits of gender balanced teams, it’s an opportunity to foster the right change in our businesses and communities.”

-Philippe Petit,

 Business Development Director

FeMme Launch
WiLL facilitated the launch of FeMme which is an initiative to promote gender balance in facilities management at Sodexo. FeMme aims to help women view FM as a viable career option, works to identify and overcome the obstacles women may face in the industry, and change policies that may disrupt full participation for women.

FLex "Pulse Survey"
administered in February 2016
2,100 managers responded

Education and Awareness

Diversity and inclusion training focuses on enhancing awareness and skills to positively impact behavior and shape our company culture. We offer a range of
skill building courses, training courses, webinars and learning labs on diversity and inclusion.
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