Welcome to sodexo's 2016
Global Diversity and InClusion Report

We are happy to share with you our 2016 Global Diversity and Inclusion Report. Sodexo’s diversity and inclusion journey continues to evolve as the need for this work grows more important each day. From our employees to our clients, customers and communities, our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains a key priority at Sodexo.


In light of the changing global environment, the role of diversity and inclusion becomes even more critical

as we strive to deliver on our promise of Quality of Life for all those we serve.


Based on the results of our 2016 employee survey, diversity and inclusion remains one of the two top drivers of engagement for our company globally. Our integrated strategies and resources have helped prepare our leaders to harness the power of diversity during these changing times. Cultural agility training and tools, along with our research on gender balanced teams (which was featured in the Harvard Business Review), have proven that diversity and inclusion do, in fact, contribute to bottom line business results.


Externally, Sodexo continues to receive recognition for our efforts to drive our Better Tomorrow approach to corporate responsibility, including our commitment to small and medium-sized enterprises and women-owned businesses globally. For 12 consecutive years, Sodexo has remained a top company in its sector on

the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Additionally, Sodexo earned a top ranking on the DiversityInc 2016 Top 50 Companies for Diversity, marking our eighth consecutive year being recognized as a top 10 company on the list.


The pages that follow highlight our continued progress and efforts to promote diversity and inclusion around the globe. As we continue on our journey, we must challenge ourselves to think beyond where we are and toward where we aspire to be. The future of this work relies on the commitment and thought leadership of companies like ours, and we look forward to doing our part, as we know there is much more work to be done.