Reflections On A Historic Civil Rights Pilgrimage
David Scanlan
David Scanlan
Sodexo Government North America

From Friday, March 6, through Sunday March 8, 2015,  David Scanlan, President Sodexo Government Services and Jessica Montoya, Vice President of Government Affairs and Assistant General Counsel participated in the 15th Annual Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage hosted by The Faith and Politics Institute.  As part of the program, the delegation visited historic sites in Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery.  This trip coincided with the 50th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’ which took place at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma in 1965.  A special ceremony was held on Saturday, March 7 in Selma that included remarks by President Barack Obama and other political and civil rights leaders.

8 comments on “Reflections On A Historic Civil Rights Pilgrimage

  • Keith Conerly says:

    This sounds like it was a great opportunity to not only learn more about American history, but to experience it with some responsible for it happening, and beneficiaries of the efforts. Excellent recap. I’ve added to my bucket list!

  • Maria Gugliotti says:

    What a great experience for dave and Sodexo. To have a learning opportunity and history making moment in time is priceless. Grateful we are all in this together.

  • Debra Scott says:

    Surely a unique and commemorative experience, to have met Congressman Lewis and those who lived and witnessed that day in history – thank you for sharing David.

    It is moving to learn of the passionate strategies, sacrifices, and experiences of those individuals like these, the Freedom Riders, and SNCC, who endured and strove, during the civil rights movement, to remove oppression and suppression, to realize equality for all.

  • Gerri Mason Hall says:

    Dave, thank you so much for sharing such an incredible experience. What a difference in 50 years and yet so much work remains.

  • Jeanette Colter says:

    What a fabulous opportunity to not only learn through Dave some of our modern history, but also to connect these events with how we have evolved as a country. It has me recognizing how our Diversity programs have contributed to our evolution of as company as well as its contributions to those clients and customers we have the pleasure of serving daily. Thank you for sharing Dave!

  • David, we at TRDI commend you and your staff for your participation and attendance at this memorable event. We have had the pleasure of working with Sodexo Government Services on federal food service partnerships and enjoy their association.


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