Tips to Ease Your Nerves When Preparing for your First Internship
Lindsay Scholten
Lindsay Scholten

Marketing Intern,

Internships are a great way to prepare for your future. They can help you discover if the job path you’ve chosen is the right one for you, expose you to the professional world, and equip you with skills, experience and knowledge for a successful career. Since internships are usually one of the first experiences for students in the professional working environment, they can seem a bit daunting. To help ease the nerves, here are five tips I learned during my summer internship to ensure you get the most from your experience. (more…)

Speed, Mass and “Firepower” – What Veterans Bring to the Workforce
Steve Cox
Steve Cox

VP, Public Relations

Sodexo North America

I’m one of more than 21 million veterans in the U.S. today. After serving more than 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, I was ready to transition to the civilian workforce back in 2005. At first, I questioned how my military skillset would translate to a civilian job. However, after spending the last 11 years in the civilian workforce, I have found that my military experience has helped me thrive and actually create an entire career path.