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30 Jobs for 2030: Creating Jobs of the Future is Simpler Than You Think
Michael Norris
Michael Norris

We all want to hire the best and the brightest talent in the future, but what will they be doing? The 30 Jobs for 2030 trend in Sodexo’s recent Workplace Trends Report offers a real glimpse into the workplace of the future listing 30 emerging job titles that may be needed in the years ahead. Energy Harvester, Green Career Coach, Agri-Restaurateur, Chief Experience Officer or Healer may seem far-fetched, but our friends at the World Future Society say these jobs will enable companies to solve problems that may be found in the future.

Creating new jobs may seem daunting but there are three basic approaches that businesses can use.

Retrofitting: Adding new skills to existing jobs. If your organization is looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact, what about a Green Career Coach who can advise businesses and employees on how everyday tasks impact the environment?

Blending: Combining skills and functions from different jobs to create new specialties. With increased demand for organic food and local-farming, the Agri-Restaurateur or Chef-Farmer will need to be knowledgeable in farming and science to provide diners with tasty, creative, fresh meals.

Problem Solving: The future holds a myriad of potential issues that f2fd6b5b-0248-4a41-83c2-da59dad8dc6c.HR_businesses will have to address including making sure employees and customers have a positive experience at work or when interacting with your business. A Chief Experience Officer will be responsible for making sure those experiences are created and managed using technology, marketing, sales and human resources.

The common thread I find among the 30 Jobs for 2030 is that they all contribute to the quality of life for employees, end-users or customers and the larger community. That’s what we at Sodexo have in mind as we create jobs and provide hundreds of services to our client partners globally. It’s why we pay close attention to things like trends to better inform the work we do at 33,300 sites around the world. After taking a look the 30 Jobs for 2030 – what kind of jobs do you envision in the workplace of the future? Share your ideas with us and what you think are the most compelling jobs on the list.

Michael Norris is the COO, Sodexo North American and Market President for Sodexo’s Corporate client segment

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