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3 Hacks by Sodexo for Managing your Boss
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No matter where you work, it’s likely that you have a boss that manages you. What you may not realize is that not only does your boss manage you, but you can manage him or her as well. Being able to positively manage up can make your life at work easier and happier, but it has other benefits as well. A good manager can advocate for you to get the opportunities you want, whether it’s being put on a new project or getting a promotion.

Here are three hacks that will help you manage your boss.

Make your boss successful.

Whether it’s explicitly stated or not, one of the primary reasons you were hired was to help your boss—and your company—succeed. Even if it’s not in your job description, it should be a major part of your job.

This means different things in different workplaces. In some departments, the best thing you can do for your boss might be to increase sales numbers or boost earnings. In other offices, managers look to employees to generate new ideas. Some managers need employees to help them with daily tasks like staying organized. No matter what field you are in, you can find ways to make your boss look good. And that could help you in the long-run, too. And if your boss rises through the ranks, you’re more likely to move up as well.

Share feedback—as long as it’s constructive.

No matter how great your team is, there will always be hiccups and pain points. Good managers want to hear about any problems from their employees, but they also want to be able to take action to correct them.

When you share a problem with your manager, think of a solution or two to suggest. Even if the solutions aren’t perfect, it will show your boss that you’re thinking critically and give him or her some ideas to work with.

Keep them in the loop.

Clear lines of communication with your manager are essential. Bosses don’t like surprises. Keep them informed of how you’re spending your time. That way, they can help guide you to make sure you’re focusing on areas that are important for the company. Plus, it will let them show off all the great work you’re doing.

And if you get stuck on a project, don’t be afraid to talk through the challenges with them. Your first instinct might be to solve every problem before your boss even hears about it, but many bosses would happily offer their advice and guidance. You’ll grow more quickly by learning from their experience.

What are your best tips for managing your boss? Please share them in the comment section.

4 comments on “3 Hacks by Sodexo for Managing your Boss

  • Avatar
    Tariq Abu-Saada says:

    I think having a manager that makes regular checks up would help or meetings. Also, having a manager that is approachable and says we are looking for new ideas or ways of improving your work. So, saying your advice and innovation is helpful should help. Those are things I think would help employees.

  • Avatar
    Sheetal Nangia says:

    Build Trust and Spend “Quality Time”. I spend a good portion of my day at work so it’s very important for me to have a solid professional relationship with my boss. He and I should be able to trust each other, communicate through chaos and spend “quality time” catching each other up on any challenges we may be facing to come up with effective solutions.

  • Avatar
    Fiona Screen says:

    That’s really helpful, even if we knew it before, it’s always useful to be reminded. I am lucky to work in a small team, who work closely together and have a relationship that is both open and trusting.


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