July 2018
Workforce & Workplace
How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Office Life
Emerson Foster
Emerson Foster
Vice President, Human Resources, Corporate Services Sodexo North America

Will a design change in the office solve workplace conflicts?

How about more natural light?

How about a plant on every desk?

Or mediation classes and free tea?

The answer may surprise you. A new study shows that when employers experimented with interventions that targeted employee well-being – specifically the emotional intelligence of their workforce – they saw a significant boost in happiness and creativity.  (more…)

Executive Commentary
5 Life Hacks From a CEO & Grandma
Lorna Donatone
Lorna Donatone
CEO, Sodexo Schools Worldwide President, Sodexo North America

This is my daughter and brand new grandson. What beautiful creatures. I want them to have joy and love and fulfillment in their lives. And, now that I am old enough to be a grandmother twice over, I especially want them to have health. I know how important – and fleeting – health can be. (more…)