April 2018
How Technology May Be Threatening Your Business
Lindsay Casillas
Lindsay Casillas
Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Sodexo Seniors, North America

Programs like Uber, Grubhub and FaceTime can keep residents out of senior living. So how do we compete?

Years ago, as a community sales manager, I could scan a brochure and find a service or amenity that would make the difference in the daily life of a resident.


Health & Wellbeing
Transformative Partnership to Improve the Health of Nurses
Debbie Hatmaker, PhD, RN, FAAN
Debbie Hatmaker, PhD, RN, FAAN
Interim Chief Executive Officer at ANA Enterprise

About a year ago, Nurse Robin Carmichael was balancing a high-stress, full-time job with a 2.5 hour commute that required her to wake up each morning at 4 a.m. She was mentally drained, overweight, and wasn’t getting much sleep. (more…)

Innovation, Specialization and Preparation: The Axioms of Success
Barry Telford
Barry Telford
CEO, Universities West, Sodexo North America President, Sodexo Canada

Quality of Life is foundational to human well-being, affecting every aspect of life at every stage of life.

Starting college is a milestone for students, beset with excitement, anticipation—and anxiety. (more…)