March 2018
Workforce & Workplace
My Role as a Man in Gender Equality
Moses DeBord
Moses DeBord
Vice President, Sports & Leisure

As we celebrate Women’s History month and the recent International Women’s Day—with my company, Sodexo, making the courageous decision to celebrate every day as International Women’s Day—I’ve thought a lot about the role and responsibilities men have in advancing gender equality. (more…)

Guiding College Students, Recent Graduates, and Experienced Professionals with Mentoring and Other Support Resources
Rohini Anand, PhD
Rohini Anand, PhD
SVP, Corporate Responsibility &
Global Chief Diversity Officer

Are you doing what you thought you would be doing when you started college? If so, you’re among the few.  

It’s often unreasonable to expect 18-year-olds to know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives—but that’s precisely what the current model demands. (more…)

The Power of Four: Diversity & Inclusion as a Path to Success
Rolddy Leyva
Rolddy Leyva

The current cohort of Gen Z students has many expectations regarding their campus experience, as illustrated by the Sodexo International Student Lifestyle Survey. One of the most important – and most positive for our society – is their deep commitment to multiculturalism, equal opportunity and respect for individuality as cultural imperatives. (more…)