Sodexo’s latest 2016 Workplace Trends Report takes an in-depth look at nine major trends that will impact our workplace today and in the years to come. This year, more than ever, our report represents a confluence of forces that can’t be described in one word. We are leaders in an era of ever-increasing complexity and change. Clearly, leadership today requires understanding and foresight across a landscape that is both wide and deep.

With this in mind, for this year’s report Sodexo invited thought leaders from a wide range of backgrounds to share their insights regarding the top issues facing the C-Suite today. As with previous years, our research team leveraged Sodexo’s six dimensions of Quality of Life as a strategic lens, as we know that an employee’s workplace experience is largely defined by these dimensions. We also uncovered several key themes during our research that guide our discussion of this year’s report and provide insights that fuel leadership principles.


Section Introductions

Population Health Management: A New Business Model for a Healthier Workforce

Population Health Management ThumbnailPopulation Health Management, or PHM, is a broad effort whereby individual-, organizational- and cultural-level interventions are used to improve the disease burden of entire groups or populations. By keeping people well at the onset, PHM strategies can be used to decrease overall healthcare usage and avoid future overuse of the healthcare system. PHM takes a systematic approach by stratifying populations across health-risk profiles and applying different behavioral strategies to mitigate further risk. Click here to learn more.




Humanizing the Workplace: Using Design Principles to Inspire Workplace Thinking

Humanizing The Workplace ThumbnailNo one doubts that business, life and the world at-large have become evermore Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. With this in mind, leadership, management and newly empowered workers are anticipating challenges, understanding the consequences of actions, appreciating the interdependence of multiple variables, preparing for alternative realities, and owning their own transformation and even disruption. Click here to learn more.




Reaching Every Employee in an Organization: Engagement through Recognition

Reaching Every Employee ThumbnailThe vast majority of today’s employees are disengaged, and study after study indicates that engagement is one of the key drivers of business success. Corporate managers understand this imperative. Despite laser-like efforts, however, employee engagement scores in the United States remain lackluster. The stakes are increasing as the economy strengthens, the war for talent heats up, and recruiting, engaging and retaining the best and brightest employees becomes even more crucial. Click here to learn more.




Smart Energy Management: A Win for the Environment, People, and Business

Smart Energy Management ThumbnailThere is growing recognition that human activities are major contributors to climate change. The new normal is likely to require consumers to become more active participants in the creation and use of energy. The trend of consumers playing a key role in energy consumption and potential reduction carries over to the workplace. The value placed on reducing energy in the workplace will grow if business consumers are educated that a unit of energy saved at the meter represents more than that one unit. Click here to learn more.




Productivity and Quality of Life?

Big Data ThumbnailHealthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a significant issue for patient safety. Evidence-based studies conclude that hand hygiene protocols can result in sustained reduction of HAIs; however, compliance is often poor. Sustained improvement has been achieved when patient safety is a programmatic priority and hand hygiene is factored into workflow practices. It is also essential that hand hygiene messaging be included in the full continuum of care. Click here to learn more.




Stories of Urban Transformation: The Rise of 18-Hour Work/Live Communities

Urban Transformation ThumbnailCities all over the world are hotbeds of ideas, blending new and old concepts to create exciting urban experiences for residents, workers, enterprises and visitors. Experts in a wide variety of fields are collaborating to transform the urban environment in today’s digital business era. In the workplace, this has led to the closer merging of work/life/play in these growing cities, where previously these activities had been clearly separated. Click here to learn more.




Sodexo Study: Gender-balanced Teams Linked to Better Business Performance

Achieving gender balance is important for workplaces not only because it is “the right thing to do” but also because it makes good business sense. To better understand and leverage this trend, Sodexo initiated an internal study to explore and understand the correlation between gender-balanced teams and performance. Click here to learn more.

Creating The Lab of the Future: A Shift Toward Greater Agility, Flexibility, and Efficiency

AgCreating the Lab of the Future Thumbnailing populations, chronic diseases, market expansion, and treatment and technology advances are expected to spur life sciences sector growth in 2015. However, efforts to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and demonstrate value are dramatically altering the demand and delivery landscape. At the same time, the patent cliff remains steep, and there is a well-understood need to create more collaborative partnerships across industry and academia. The sector also faces significant difficulty in attracting and retaining talent. Click here to learn more.




Workplace Violence: Best Practices for a New Reality

Each year, nearly 2 million American employees are victims of workplace violence. This violence has far-reaching negative consequences for employers, employees, and the larger society, primarily because of the central role the workplace has in our lives. It is clear that boundaries are shifting and, at times, disappearing: work and home life, work and health, work and political values – all are becoming more closely intertwined. As the workplace continues to touch more elements of our personal lives, we must acknowledge the increased risk of negative spill-over effects, including violence. Click here to learn more.

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