As the American diet has gotten more convenient, it has also gotten less healthy. The fast food, prepared food and easy-to-grab snacks that make up many of our meals have contributed to an obesity crisis and to the rise of chronic illnesses like diabetes. READ
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A new generation is getting ready to enter the hallowed halls of higher education and in addition to bringing their devices to campus, they will also arrive with a new set of expectations on how they want to live, learn and experience college. This is the first year Generation Z students will be graduating from … READ
This is the first blog in a continuing series based on the findings from the Institute for Quality of Life’s roundtable on memory care. Read the full whitepaper: “Treat me like a person, because that is what I still am.” Dementia is perceived differently by different people. Broadly, dementia refers to a decline in mental … READ
The corporate real estate (CRE) industry plays an increasingly important role in helping businesses enhance their workplace strategy.  This profession is instrumental in designing workplaces that impact employee engagement, performance and wellness.  These factors not only impact business results but also affect employee Quality of Life. READ
We’ve heard a lot about what today a college student (and their parents) expects from their institutions. Frequently at the top of the list is student housing. They want distinctive, comfortable, convenient, attractive student housing—not the traditional dormitory with a bathroom at the end of the hall. They want privacy and amenities, easy proximity to … READ
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