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I have a daughter and not once during her young life have I thought she deserves less because of her gender. Not at home, in the classroom or on the playing field. The idea seems ludicrous. READ
What’s the worst thing that can happen? It’s a question I ask myself and my team to think about every day when it comes to their safety. The answer? Anything. We can’t take for granted the importance of being conscious of our surroundings and activities. Whether we are living on offshore drilling rigs supporting our … READ
As we close out this year’s recognition of Black History Month, I am thinking about my daughter and son. They both appreciate diversity and inclusion and are opened minded, and full of life. But I also fear, given the atmosphere in this country today, they may become jaded and discouraged. READ
Higher education is the new healthcare—parents, students, politicians and the media question whether the cost justifies the results. As President J. Bradley Creed of Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC, notes in “Creating Pathways to Opportunity and Service,” the latest chapter in Sodexo’s President to President series, most people agree on the need for higher … READ
For many, a university or college education is simply a pathway to an exciting career. But in the case of first-generation students, it represents so much more: hope, progress and most of all, courage. READ
We should have seen it coming, we really should. Popular culture has long been full of robots, from movies like Alien and The Terminator to the Transformers our children played with. We accepted their presence as the industry emerged, but few foresaw the full societal ramifications. Now their presence is a daily reality and a … READ
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