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Many things have changed since I started out. Many, many things. Back in the day I would have been using a pen to write this blog. I digress. I work on college campuses and one of the major differences I see today is what I think is a misunderstanding about entry-level jobs.  READ
I must confess I am a meal planner! One of the most challenging barriers to a healthy lifestyle is mastering meals that fit your diet, goals and busy schedule. We can all agree our days are jam-packed with everlasting to-do lists, so meals often get put on the backburner. READ
Will a design change in the office solve workplace conflicts? How about more natural light? How about a plant on every desk? Or mediation classes and free tea? The answer may surprise you. A new study shows that when employers experimented with interventions that targeted employee well-being – specifically the emotional intelligence of their workforce … READ
This is my daughter and brand new grandson. What beautiful creatures. I want them to have joy and love and fulfillment in their lives. And, now that I am old enough to be a grandmother twice over, I especially want them to have health. I know how important – and fleeting – health can be. READ
Water is essential to life, but it doesn’t have be boring. Lemons give your water some zing, but you can create more excitement for your taste buds with these boosts. READ
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