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We should have seen it coming, we really should. Popular culture has long been full of robots, from movies like Alien and The Terminator to the Transformers our children played with. We accepted their presence as the industry emerged, but few foresaw the full societal ramifications. Now their presence is a daily reality and a … READ
I graduated from graduate school in 1982. I thought the key to my future was about keeping my head down and working hard. It was. But, in retrospect, it was about much more, too. READ
I consider myself a pretty good mentor. I like to work with people coming up in the field – in my case that would be the culinary arts. So when the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation asked me to be part of a CEO panel to discuss career trajectories at the recent Armed Forces Culinary Forum, I was … READ
We were about three-fourths of the way up the mountain and my friend’s breath grew rocky in the thinning air. He needed a break. He might need to turn back. The guide told the rest of our group to continue onward and he’d wait with my friend. READ
With the current government shutdown, certain food benefits and nutrition programs are impacted by reduced or terminated new federal funding. SNAP recipients are receiving full February benefits on or before January 20 automatically through electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is no longer receiving new federal funds … READ
In what feels like a lifetime ago, I was in my first year at Harvard Business School. I learned a tremendous amount that year – including one lesson that was more consequential than I thought possible.  READ
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