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To keep overall operational costs in check some schools find themselves in scenarios where maintenance and operations (M&O), system upgrades, and/or repairs are purposely deferred to a future budget cycle or postponed until funding becomes available (known as Deferred Maintenance). Deferred maintenance may seem like a reasonable short-term fix. But, the fact is this is … READ
When I was younger I can’t say I had a thought out career strategy. I arrived in the U.S. at 17, as an immigrant from Mumbai with a total of two bags. My strategy was to put one foot in front of the other. READ
A comprehensive facilities management (FM) strategy can support the objectives of independent schools, yielding real results. A solid strategy starts with mapping the operational capabilities and infrastructure needs of the school to plan both preventative maintenance and strategic improvements. READ
Back when I first witnessed caregiving, growing up with a father who worked with seniors, it never occurred to me that the field could be cutting-edge. In fact, I thought of it as closer to an ageless art. READ
Food insecurity on campus often goes unmentioned. Many assume that college students’ needs are entirely met through parental support and financial assistance programs. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. READ
Emergency drills featuring dire scenarios are standard operating procedure for schools, universities and colleges, corporations, and communities. After working through the solutions, we pat ourselves on the back and assume that we’re ready should anything disastrous happen. Then it does, and we find out if we were right. READ
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