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“You don’t have true freedom until you allow a diversity of opinion and a diversity of voices.” Journalist Don Lemon’s outlook is highly relevant as an increasingly eclectic student demographic returns to college and university campuses. Once relatively homogenous, today’s students include a mix of first-generation, foreign and older students who bring distinctive cultural backgrounds, … READ
When schools get it right on the first day of school, the entire community wins – students, parents, teachers, administrators, regulators and tax payers. No doubt, administrators aim to have the utopian opening: clean, safe classrooms filled with qualified and motivated teachers and students ready to learn; engaged parents ready to contribute; fully- funded budgets … READ
Back to school can be a hectic time of the year. Regardless, if you pack your kids lunch or send them with lunch money, it is important to think about what they will be eating and ensure it is as healthy as possible as children consume at least a third of their total daily calorie … READ
It’s a message that never gets old; take care of your body and mind and they will take care of you. In the line of business I’m in –improving the Quality of Life for those my team serves – it’s a professional hazard not to care for myself. My brain rationally understands this fact, yet … READ
There’s been good news lately coming from the U.S. Bureau of Labor—employers added more jobs in July and the unemployment rate fell to a near 18-year low. As the American economy continues to strengthen, I believe big companies need to think broader than simply job creation. We need to be thinking about providing opportunities for … READ
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