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Daylight saving time ended on November 4 for much of the country, who turned their clocks back losing an hour of light. For many, this means the start of another dull and dreary winter. READ
The world is increasingly driven by technology. Certainly, university and college campuses are no exception. A whopping one billion more digital-native millennial students will emerge worldwide over the next 20 years, predicts IBIS Capital/Ed Tech Global 2016. READ
The first rule of business is to know your customer. For those of us in the higher education community, this would be an easy question, right? Our “customers” are generally 18-25-year-olds, recent high school graduates who feel fortunate to receive guidance on how to expand their horizons and launch their careers. READ
How can your school become an anchor institution to help build wealth in your community? What does an anchor institution look like? An anchor institution helps build wealth by driving economic activity, local development and revitalization efforts for their communities. READ
The United States is known for being the world’s melting pot, where diverse cultures and religions from all over the world live together. The authentic ingredients and spices I share below are ones that various cultures cook with during the holiday season. READ
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